Fed up of deep-fried food ? Fed up of eating not enough vegetables ? Fed up of processed food ? Fed up of not being able to read food labels with a 100% trust ?

With the Weekly Boxes of MichelBru, you will get some homemade food, made in our kitchens, made by our chefs, with the best ingredients, without any processed food, without food enhancer, without food additives.

No subscription needed, you can order only for one week, or choose for a recurring, depending on your needs.

How to eat better in Taiwan ? That is a really serious question.
At the date of today, only “米榭爾布盧 MICHEL BRU” can offer you a serious alternative to this problem in Taiwan.
“米榭爾布盧 MICHEL BRU” is a food delivery service company based in Taiwan. We offer a very convenient food delivery service accross all Taiwan. Every meals are homemade, handmade, made from scratch, With us, you have the assurance of eating healthy food.

>> How it works <<<

At MichelBru 米榭爾布盧 we offer an unique delivery service of Homemade Western Food.

UNIQUE because our weekly boxes service is hassle-free. If choosing for a recurring order (one-off is also possible), after placing an order, you will get every week a western weekly meal box of 5 meals to cover your weekly needs. Every meals will be packaged in an individual vacuum bags. Every meals are traditional western recipes, made with the best ingredients and deliver at the time of your choice. Every week, your order will be renewed until you decide to stop. Our service is really hassle-free !!!
UNIQUE because we have an offer for everyone ; our customers are from office workers, students, people with overweight, gym center, companies …

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UNIQUE because every week we offer different recipes.
UNIQUE because the recipes will be cooked by a professional French Chef, with 23 years of experience in Michelin Stars and high classes hotels & restaurants.
UNIQUE because all of our food is traditional recipes, homemade, handmade, shopping made on the day, cooked on the day, no deep fried food, no conservatives, no flavor enhancer …

>> Our Weekly Delivery Food Boxes <<
>> How it works <<

Most people know good nutrition and physical activity can help maintain a healthy weight.
However, the benefits of having a good nutrition can go further than weight.

Caring about nutrition can help to :

  • Reduce the risk of some diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, some cancers, and osteoporosis
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Lower high cholesterol
  • Improve your well-being
  • Improve your ability to fight off illness
  • Improve your ability to recover from illness or injury
  • Increase your energy level

Having a good nutrition means you will get all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need.

More convenient than Uber Eat & Food Panda, MichelBru !
– No need to order everyday !
– No need to think everyday about what to eat !
– No need to pay everyday !
– An amazing customer service in case of any problem !
– A perfect service for customers who wants a real premium convenient service for an affordable price. Stop wasting your time ! Your time is precious.

Michel Bru | A professional French chef

Michel Bru is a former Michelin Star Chef who has mainly worked for Michelin Star Restaurants and for famous people. His experiences goes over 22 years and 4 countries (France, England, Scotland & Taiwan)

Michel Bru is now a business man and chef. He is the owner of 米榭爾布盧股份有限公司.
He is everyday in kitchen with his team to assure the respect of his standards.


We are proud to never compromise on quality. Our customers are able to CHOOSE the best ingredients for their meals. At MichelBru 米榭爾布盧 we made the choice to focus at quality before price. We are not interested in finding the balance between cost and quality, because when “a professional” says “balance” it means “compromising”. At Michel Bru, we DO NOT compromise about quality. Only the BEST for our customers. It is our choice, and we assume this choice.