1- How to Order & Pay

This video will help you to place your order on our website.

– You cannot find our products ?
– You have a problem with your payment ?
– You do not know if you have done every steps ?

The video will answer to all of your questions !

2- How to reheat your meals ? Method 1

Here is the tutorial about how to reheat our meals with Micro-wave.

3 Steps :
1- Open your vacuum bag
2- Reheat 2 minutes in a microwave
3- Ready, you can eat

3- How to reheat your meals ? Method 2

Here is the tutorial about how to reheat our meals with bain-marie

5 Steps :
1- Make boiling some water
2- Take down the gas and make gently and slowly boiling
3- Put your bags 2 minutes into the water
4- Open your bag
5- Ready, you can eat

4- How to understand our nutrition labelling

We provide nutrition facts on every of our packaging.
Calories, carbs, fat, sodium, proteins etc …

Providing full nutrition facts is a part of our strategy to always provide the best to our customers, and the best for their health : homemade food, everything cooked from scratch, no food additives … and now full nutrition facts !

Cannot pay with your Credit Card ?

According to our partner ECPAY, the reasons of a failed payment by credit card may be :

1. The credit card has not been opened for the first use.
2. The credit card number or expiration date is entered incorrectly.
3. The credit card has exceeded its expiration date.
4. The credit card usage limit is exceeded, or the balance is insufficient.
5. Internal system problems of the credit card issuing bank, etc
6. This card number is being swiped for authorization at the same time, so the window will pop out.
7. The network is disconnected when the credit card is authorized.
8. You use a foreign card, and there are some safety issues
9. You failed entering the OTP code to verify your payment.

If your credit card has not exceeded the limit, please go back to the store and purchase again.
Please pay attention to whether the entered credit card number, name, expiration date and the 3 digits on the back of the card are correct.

If you still receive the authorization failure notification, it may be due to a problem with the card-issuing bank’s internal system operations. Please contact your credit card-issuing bank. Meanwhile, contact us and we will proceed your order and find a solution together for your payment.