• I. Company

‧Michel BRU “Traditional French Savories & Desserts”

No. 47-1 Xinglong Street., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City 426, Taiwan

Line ID: michelbru1982
E-mail: michel@michelbru.com

  • II. Where we deliver

Delivery is available in all Taiwan.
(Specific conditions are available inside the product description)

  • III. The delivery time of physical items

Taichung City (Except Heping): 1 working day after full payment
(E.g: payment on Monday means delivery on Wednesday)
All Taiwan: 2 working days after full payment
(E.g: payment on Monday means delivery on Thursday)

These delivery times may exceptionally vary depending on some reasons that we cannot control: Typhoons, Earthquake, Problems with the delivery company etc …
In this case, the items will be delivered as soon as possible. If “use by” date should be gone, the items will be exchanged for free.

  • IV. “Use by” Date / Hygiene

The products are delivered with a “Use by” Date of 1 week at the minimum.
However, after opening the products, they must be eaten within 24 hours

The customer is responsible to follow the basic following rules of hygiene:
– Upon receiving the order, the customer should keep fish and meat in the fridge
– If the products have been frozen, the customer must not freeze them again.

“Michel Bru“ will be not responsible if the customer should not respect the basic rules of hygiene

  • V. If you are not satisfied / Returns

If for any reasons you are not satisfied and want to return the products for an exchange or a refund, you must follow this :
– Send an email to michel@michelbru.com to explain your problem, within 24hours after receiving the products. Give your name, address, order number, which products you want to return, tell us if you want an exchange or refund.
– You will receive an email of confirmation and the address for the return
– Please send back your products (unopened), within 24 hours, from when you have received the email of confirmation
– If you wish an exchange, the products will be sent on the same day than receiving back your parcel + a discount for your next order
– If you wish a refund, the refund will be processed within 24h after receiving your parcel

  • VI. If you have any claim

Claims should be made by email at michel@michelbru.com
We aim to deal with any complaint with the most efficient and professional way.