General conditions :

  • You have read and accepted the specific conditions of your products (from the page of the product)
  • You shall pay your order, even if the online payment method should fail, and even if you are not
  • Upon delivery, you become responsible of keeping the food immediately in a fridge (Between 1-5 degrees) or in a freezer (-18 degrees).
  • Information provided while placing your order:
    • Delivery address : The full address must be provided ONLY in Chinese. Our company is a Taiwan company, our company is located in Taiwan, our Staff is Taiwanese and we work with Taiwan delivery companies. Delivery companies cannot understand English. If the address is provided only in English, you become responsible of potential mistakes. If the address is provided in English, our company will be not responsible of mistakes.
    • Name : Your name must be given in full (First name and Last name). Nicknames are not allowed.
    • Order notes added into checkout/address form may be missed by our staff. If you have some specific notes to request, please contact us. In addition, order notes added into the wrong checkout box may cause mistakes with your order. We shall be not responsible of any mistakes with your delivery in case of wrong use of the checkout/address boxes

I- Weekly Boxes Delivery

  • Weekly Boxes are delivered according to the conditions given on the product page.
  • Our delivery team will deliver the food at the time you have booked. If we should be late, we will immediately let you know.
  • Our deliveries are made according to the time-slot you have chosen. We cannot promise a specific delivery time, even though we can try to do our best to be as pleasant as possible.
  • If you are not available at the time of the delivery, and if the delivery guy needs to come back, an extra fee may be requested.
  • Some deliveries (Outside of Taipei) are processed by the company Blackcat. They are an independant Taiwan Company without any link to our company. Sometimes Blackcat may deliver you late due to their busy schedule, road-works etc In that case, remember to take it easy, we will help you upon we are aware of the delay, and whatever happens we will make sure you receive your food, according to our standards. In case of problems, we will assume. Blackcat does not offer any possibilities to track the delivery. However, Blackcat is currently the best Taiwan company to deliver food with refrigerated car.
  • After attempting 3 failed deliveries, the order will be cancelled. Due to use-by and being fresh food, no refund will be accepted.

II- Private Cooking Classes

  • Coming soon

III- Private Dinners

  • Coming soon

Cancellation policy:

  • To cancel your order, you need to contact our sales team.
    Line : @michelbru (Please do not forget the “@”)
  • For a full refund (100%), a cancellation shall be requested at least 72h (Working days only) before the delivery day.
    e.g : if your delivery is expected on Monday, you must notify the cancellation on Wednesday before 18:00).
    . Cancellation deadline : Wednesday 18:00 (Our office close at 18:00)
    . Thursday =48h notice
    . Friday = 24h notice
    . Saturday & Sunday are closed
    . Monday delivery.
  • For a partial refund (50%), a cancellation shall be requested between 48h and 72h (Working days only) before the delivery day.
    e.g : if your delivery is expected on Monday, you must notify the cancellation on Thursday before 18:00).
    . Cancellation deadline : Thursday 18:00 (Our office close at 18:00)
    . Friday = 48h notice
    . Saturday & Sunday are closed
    . Monday delivery.
  • Any cancellation within 48h notice will be not refunded and will be lost. Our food is made homemade and absolutely fresh. We cannot afford with last minute cancellations.

Refunds following cancellation :

  • Payments by credit card will be refunded by reversing your payment. Refund can take up to 21 days depending on your bank.

Hygiene & Use by

  • The products are delivered with a “Use by” Date of 5 days.
    However, after opening the products, they must be eaten within 24 hours
  • The customer is responsible to follow the basic following rules of hygiene:
    – Upon receiving the order, the customer should keep fish and meat in the fridge
    – If the products have been frozen by yourself, the customer must not freeze them again.
    – “Michel Bru“ will be not responsible if the customer should not respect the basic rules of hygiene


    Use this payment method if you do not want a recurring payment… Transaction fees of 3%
    Use this payment method if you do not want to forget to pay your next order, and want to be sure to get your order on time. Transaction fees FREE
    The best way to pay if you do not have a Taiwan Credit Card or cannot make a bank transfer … Payments by cash can be made only by Taiwan Dollars.


If for any reasons you are not satisfied and want to return the products for an exchange or a refund, you must follow this :
– Send an email to to explain your problem, within 24 hours after receiving the products. Give your name, address, order number, which products you want to return, tell us if you want an exchange or refund.
– You will receive an email of confirmation and the address for the return
– Please send back your products (unopened), within 24 hours, from when you have received the email of confirmation
– If you wish an exchange, the products will be sent on the same day than receiving back your parcel + a discount for your next order
– If you wish a refund, the refund will be processed within 24 hours after receiving your parcel

Contact us

Line : @michelbru (With @)
Email :